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SYNOPSIS: Howard Barnes is a perfectly average man in his early thirties, until the day that he wakes up to discover that his life has become a musical. Desperate to escape from the show, Howard embarks on a fantastical quest through the realm of musical theater. Equal parts satire, romantic comedy, and love letter to the American musical, The Noteworthy Life of Howard Barnes is intended for people who love musical theater, and their spouses who hate it.

HISTORY: Workshop production at the Village Theater (2014). Workshopped at the O'Neill Musical Theater Festival (2013), The Village Theater Festival of New Musicals (2013), The Human Race Theatre Company (2013) and Trinity Repertory Company (2012).


Jonathan Mills
Paradigm Agency

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"Welcome to Today"

Howard Barnes is shocked to find that he has awoken in the middle of the splashy opening number to the musical version of his life.

"Gotta Get Out"

Desperate to escape the musical, Howard (John Tartaglia) vows to escape.


When Howard finally discovers a way to escape the musical, his friend and newfound love interest, Maggie (Chelsea Packard), pleads with him to stay.

New York, NY
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